For three intensive days, delegates from IPDC member countries and institutions gathered together in Rotterdam for the inaugural IPDC conference. The conference brought together policymakers, experts, action holders, and financial institutions.

Speaking at the conference’s opening, Annemieke Nijhof, director at Deltares, acknowledged the unique role the IPDC can play as a bridge between knowledge, society, economics, governance, and finance. Meike van Ginneken, the Dutch water envoy, echoed these words, also stressing the importance of water, stating that it lies at the heart of climate adaptation.

Looking back on a busy three days, delegates shared some key insights they gained during the conference:

  • Each country is different, but our problems are similar. Regardless of our backgrounds, climate change and its consequences are similar for all. Together we can see exactly what we are facing. We have a communality of issues, but we can also have a communality of solutions. We’re in this together.
  • The IPDC is a good platform to create a community where we can share knowledge and join efforts to do the right thing for the future and face our challenges together. We cannot act alone. The IPDC can play a crucial role as facilitator and initiative, creating synergy and connections. This way we bring together different approaches. The diverse nature of the IPDC, bringing together policymakers, expertise, and financiers, is a unique approach.
  • We need to do something different. We need to do a lot to face the challenges we face as a result of climate change. We need a clear vision to get different results. We no longer have the luxury of time.
  • A good interface between policy and science is key for an easier access to finance.
  • We face an uncertain future, so we need more research. We all face gaps; be it knowledge or financial. But we can overcome these gaps. We need to start building bridges between our scientific institutes, and our research needs to be action-driven.

We look back on a successful three days, but we know our work is only beginning. As we continue to shape the IPDC, we will keep sharing further insights from the conference. We’ll also look ahead to the publication of the first IPDC report.

Watch the Conference highlights:

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